Searching for a job can become a “job” for a dedicated person trying to find the best opportunity to display his or her talents. There are often times when people don’t realize how much work is put into the hiring system. When job seekers upload their resumes or email to someone they think is in charge, it often gets lost in cyberspace and nothing comes of it. With a staffing agency, like Paladin, there is a person helping and guiding the job seeker through the entire process.

Many job seekers have preconceived notions about staffing agencies that are not the case. Many think that to enlist the help of a staffing agency one has to pay a fee for the help. That is not true. As a job seeker, the recruiter wants to find you the perfect job for your skill sets. The staffing company receives its payment from the client, not the candidate.

As a staffing agency, Paladin searches for candidates for all different fields. Many people think that staffing agencies are for those who do industrial work, what they don’t realize is, including the industrial field,  there are many other fields that agencies help find employees for. Paladin helps find employees for fortune 500 companies. There is a need for every type of skill set, and a staffing agency will help you find the perfect job, and coach you so you have the best chance of getting it.

Others worry about agencies only seeking temporary employees. That is not true. Companies are looking to hire all different types of positions such as trial-hire, contracted and permanent or direct hire. Often job seekers take a contracted job to start and at the end of the contract are hired as permanent staff. All of this, a staffing agency, like Paladin, can help you with.

The recruiters at Paladin seek ambitious individuals and are with them through the entire process. They get all of the paperwork together, help with resumes and practice interviews and make sure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted so all you have to do is show up for your new job and work hard!