Getting involved in a network of professionals in your industry has nothing to offer but benefits regardless of industry. In the IT industry, user groups are becoming an increasingly popular networking avenue. A user group is a group of IT professionals that come together to discuss the industry and share their experiences. Through special speakers and discussions, there is a great opportunity to learn and grow your expertise.

User groups offer more than just free food, free seminars, and giveaways. Even if you aren’t interested in the specific topic covered in a meeting, user groups still provide an opportunity to get to know people in your industry that may be people you will work with one day. If you don’t ever actually work with them, they are people that you can call up if a problem arises that may have a solution to offer. Your network can be one of your greatest assets to have in the industry.

Paladin Consulting truly believes in supporting the I.T. Community and one area that emulates that is through our User groups we support in Dallas, Houston and Washington D.C. The vision we have is to provide an outlet for like-minded techies to share their expertise in a socially driven format to discuss current trends, upcoming technology updates and network with fellow techies in their core area of expertise.

We have been a host and sponsor to many groups over the past several years. Some of those groups would include:

Dallas & North Houston .NET Users Group

D/FW & Houston ColdFusion Users Group

Dallas ASP.NET Users Group

HP Mercury User Group

DevOps Live

Java Developers of Dallas

Cyber Security Professionals

Are you an IT professional interested in coming to one of our user groups? Check out our Linkedin or Meetup page for more information!