Want to stand out among a pool of candidates? Although there is not a clear cut answer to this question (the answer depends on the industry and specific job) gaining a professional certification is a valuable asset to have.  Working toward a professional certification will help your resume.  Work experience is a great indicator that separates candidates, but it doesn’t always showcase a person’s expertise and skills.

Getting a relevant professional certification carries credibility

When you earn a professional certification, it establishes credibility to your skills. Employers appreciate the extensive coursework and testing behind the professional certification. Earning a certification provides proof that you are a highly qualified individual for the job.

A certification is an indicator of a dedicated professional

When you work toward receiving a relevant certification, you distinguish yourself as a person who possesses a strong work ethic and a desire to enhance your skills.  The fact that you were willing to spend extra time and money to invest in your career says a lot to recruiters, employers and colleagues. Certifications indicate that an individual keeps up with new developments in one’s area of expertise and furthermore is determined to reach new heights in his or her career development.

Having a professional certification next to your name, is a great recognition to have whether you want to establish more credibility in your career, are seeking a promotion, or looking to land the job of your dreams.