In late June of 2021 it was estimated that “Nearly 25% of employees are planning to look for a new job once the pandemic is over.” We’re in the midst of what has been dubbed as “The Great Talent Migration” and many employees looking to switch roles are doing so for better work-life balance, remote work flexibility, and company culture. If you’re part of the 25% considering looking for a new role, there are some clear signs it’s time to move on. The below warning signs can help you feel more confident in your decision to move on and know it’s indeed time to find a new job.

When You’ve Grown as Much as You Can

If you feel like you’ve plateaued in your job, and there isn’t any opportunity or room for further career growth, it’s probably a sign to move on. You want to be in a career with a clear path for advancement and opportunities for promotions. If you’ve maxed out all the learning you can in your role, are bored with your daily tasks, and have nothing new on the horizon, the first step is to talk to your manager and see if there are any opportunities you haven’t considered. If not, it’s probably time to look elsewhere so you can continue to learn and grow in your career.

You’re Working in an Unhealthy Environment

Whether it’s negative co-workers or a manager you can’t get along with, working in an unhealthy environment isn’t worth staying in your job for. Even if you’re able to get along with those you work with, there can be other signs you work in a toxic environment. These can include unethical behavior from leadership, controlling management behavior, lack of appreciation, etc. Working in such an environment will lead to unnecessary emotional stress and it’s a clear sign that you need to find a different company.

There are better opportunities elsewhere

If you feel like you’re not being paid fair compensation, and have done a bit of research to determine that you’d be better served working at another organization, it may be time to start interviewing for new roles. Beyond a higher salary, other roles may offer more career advancement and the opportunity to learn from those who are career role models for you and would offer invaluable mentorship opportunities.

You hate going to work every day

If each morning you wake up dreading the thought of going to work, and can’t imagine yourself staying there much longer, it may be time to make a move NOW. Finding a new role that’s a good fit for you can take time, so it’s worth starting that process immediately if you’re unhappy. You spend a large portion of your day at work, and while no job is perfect, you should spend more of your time enjoying what you do than dreading it.