Inspiration, we hear that word a lot. May times in creative settings or when there is a lack of an idea. What does inspiration mean and why is it important? The definition of inspiration is a person, place, experience… etc. that makes someone want to do or create something, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. So the question is, what inspires you, and, more importantly, why is being inspired so important?

The job hunting process can be daunting and sometimes it’s hard to find the need or motivation to do it. It’s important to know what inspires you during trying experiences, in the job hunt, and in the endurance of life. Inspiration can be found in many different things and what inspires you may not inspire everyone. Inspiration can come from a political statement, a higher power, a work of art or an important person. Whatever peaks the inspiration, it is important to hold on to it and let it drive you. Sometimes the pure will of getting something important accomplished is what can inspire. If you must find a job hopefully you are inspired by the need you have for financial stability.

Often times we are inspired by other people’s stories, by a struggle we may share or an idea we want to enforce. It is important to keep a fire lit underneath, always burning with desire to accomplish your goals. Finding inspiration within the world around you is important, especially when you need motivation to reach a goal.