We hear it all the time, IT jobs are in high demand. If you know anything about IT your skills are desired. Topping the list of must-have IT professionals are software developers and engineers. So why are Java and .Net professionals sought after so much?

It’s like knowing a language that no one else speaks and that language is the key to making everything in the business work. We can’t do anything without IT professionals, no matter what line of work it is.

Java is the basis for many programming languages today, and is integral in the open-source movement. It is one of the most popular front-end and back-end technologies, and only a handful of people know how to navigate it. It is a specific skill that every business needs. Java is requested often in jobs for software engineers that know skills like JavaScript, CSS and HTML coding.

.Net is a software framework for developing and executing applications on Windows client and server operating systems. It is designed specifically for creating and running applications on the Windows platform.

Who knows what any of that means? Someone does, and whoever that is, they are wanted by big fortune 500 companies. However, sometimes those big jobs are hard to break into. Yes you know the language, and every business needs an interpreter, but how do you make those big companies see you? Paladin uses these frameworks and understands how to navigate them. This agency knows how to fill these high demand spots with the best in the business. It’s important to know exactly what the company is looking for and needs. The partnership with the client is just as important as the partnership with the job seeker.

Partnerships are important because each party is counting on the other for something. Understanding exactly what your partner wants is crucial, especially when it comes to staffing. Of course, finding the best candidate that can be trusted and exceed at the job is important, but it’s also about understanding how to fit the client and the candidate together cohesively. Breaking into those fortune 500 companies and being the best for the job is daunting. As a job seeker, having the support of a staffing company, like Paladin, helps because the agency knows what the company needs and helps the job seeker with the hiring and interviewing process.

Being a software engineer or developer is no small accomplishment. It takes hard work and someone who has that skill set will always be valued and have good job opportunities. Finding the perfect fit is always important, and building partnerships is necessary. Paladin is here to bring success, to clients and candidates. It is the doorway to opportunity.