Research compiled from various university studies by The Online Journal of New Horizons shows that everyone learns and processes information differently.  According to the Online Journal of New Horizons in Education, learning styles canKnowing your learning style and the learning styles of your colleagues will help you conduct business more efficiently and improve internal communication.  There are three common learning styles that researchers have identified. As you can see the most common learning style is visual, followed by kinesthetic, and auditory. Below is a breakdown of common characteristics of each of the three most popular learning styles found in adults.


  •  Use visual objects such as charts and pictures to see information
  •  Generally can read body language of other people and interpret what people are saying though their body language
  •  Able to memorize new information in notes if the information is organized in color
  •  Can easily pick up on a process when watching someone else do it.


  •  Processes and retains information through hearing and speaking
  •  Picks up on someone‚Äôs tone and responds accordingly
  •  Can listen to lectures on audio and quickly retain what they heard


  • learns new material by using a hands-on approach
  •  Would much rather demonstrate how to do something than to verbally explain
  •  Prefers to work in teams more than others

Interested in knowing what learning style you possess? Follow the link to take the Vak Test.